Equipoise How it Works

Equipoise: How it Works, Definition, Disadvantages and Real Reviews

Equipoise was first introduced in the medical world as a human anabolic steroid back in 1964. It was soon removed from the market after reports of side effects started to spread. Keep reading to learn more about Equipoise, including its common uses and how it works.

Definition of Equipoise

Equipoise is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone that slows down the rate of breakdown in the body. It was originally developed as a human steroid, but was mostly used in veterinary medicine.

Equipoise is a commercially available veterinary steroid developed for use in horses. It is a derivative of testosterone, and it contains an added double bond which slows down the rate at which the drug can be broken down during its cycle. This helps to extend its active time and increases its effects on red blood cells.

Today, Equipoise is used by many fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and bodybuilders for its ability to increase lean muscle mass without significant side effects.

Main benefits of Equipoise

For those who use Equipoise, the main benefit is increased lean muscle mass. Since it slows down the rate of breakdown in the body, this allows users to gain more muscle and less fat than they would otherwise. Many users also claim that Equipoise is a great steroid for recovery, making them feel less tired throughout the day.

Another benefit of Equipoise is that it provides users with increased strength. It allows them to lift more weight and perform more reps than they would otherwise. This leads to an increase in the overall performance of users, making gains easier over time.

Equipoise has also become popular among those looking for a boost in endurance during their workouts or events. The steroid is known for increasing red blood cells, improving circulation. This results in longer workouts and more efficient oxygen transport throughout the body.

What are some common uses of Equipoise?


Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use Equipoise in bulking stacks to put on lean mass without experiencing the side effects of other steroids. Equipoise can also be used in cutting stacks to retain lean mass while losing fat.

Equipoise is used by many fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and bodybuilders for its ability to increase lean muscle mass without significant side effects. However, Equipoise is not an appropriate steroid during the initial stages of a cycle because it can cause water retention and gynecomastia. It is a good steroid for cutting because it helps to retain lean mass while burning fat.

Equipoise is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone that slows down the rate of breakdown in the body. It was originally developed as a human steroid but was mostly used in veterinary medicine. is also common for athletes and bodybuilders to use Equipoise during their post-cycle therapy (PCT) in order to regain their natural testosterone levels faster. Many reports that Equipoise has few side effects when used short-term, which is why it is often used in PCT.

How is Equipoise used?

Equipoise is a gentle steroid and is mostly used in cutting cycles. It can be used to preserve lean muscle and strength, typically by men or women. This mild anabolic hormone can be stacked with other steroids to increase their effects, although this would also mean increasing the risk of side effects too.

Also, Equipoise is known for providing mild effects and is used by those starting out on anabolic steroids. Equipoise can also be used to treat horses suffering from a lack of red blood cells.

Lastly, Equipoise can be used in cycles that aim at preserving lean muscle gained through other steroids. This is done by providing anabolic support to allow you to maintain optimal body fat levels while maintaining your hard-earned muscle mass.

Why is Equipoise a great choice?

When most people think of Equipoise they think it is a weaker steroid because the substance only binds to the androgen receptor instead of aromatizing into estrogen.

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However, this is not true. Equipoise is actually considered a moderate anabolic steroid but has been used as a “bridge” between cycles to help people maintain muscle mass while their levels of testosterone are low.

The reason for this is because the Equipoise will bind to the AR in the muscle cells and signal them to retain more nitrogen. This leads to increased protein synthesis, which contributes to bigger muscles.

Equipoise also increases red blood cell production, improving oxygenation of muscles helping you have better endurance during workouts. Another benefit is that it will not cause water retention like most steroids which means you won’t have to worry about gaining excess weight.

Finally, Equipoise is not that expensive when you compare it to other similar steroids. A 250mg shot will only set back consumers around $100, which is a great deal for most budgets.

How does Equipoise work inside the body?

Equipoise was originally used for horses to help them retain red blood cells in the blood when they were anemic. However, when people found out that it could also increase muscle production in humans, it began to be used by athletes. 

This formula works by stimulating the receptors in muscle cells and also enhances red blood cell production and hemoglobin levels, allowing you to work longer endurance and greater strength.

Equipoise is a derivative of testosterone but does not aromatize into estrogen at any dosage. It has been proven by clinical studies to increase lymphocytes which are linked to improved immune system function.

The positive effects of using Equipoise

There are many positive effects to using Equipoise. The only drawback is that it does not elicit the same effects as other anabolic steroids, but it can be stacked with other popular steroids to help you gain muscle faster while limiting water retention.

Some of the effects are increased hemoglobin levels which helps your body transport more oxygen to muscles. This will also lead to increased protein synthesis which will result in larger muscles.

Equipoise is also carcinogen-free; it does not cause liver damage like other anabolic steroids

The positive effects of using Equipoise include:

  • Quality muscle gains that are leaner and easier to maintain after you stop taking the steroid.
  • Increased red blood cell count leads to better oxygenation of muscles which leads to increased endurance and strength.
  • Tolerance issues with other anabolic steroids will be reduced when stacking Equipoise because it is milder than most anabolic steroids so it can lower your chance of side effects while strengthening your cycle.
  • Great for pre-contest preparation because it will not produce excess water retention or fat gain.
  • The only negative effect is that it does not elicit the same effects as other anabolic steroids, but can be stacked with them to create a greater mass effect.

The negative effects of using Equipoise


Equipoise is a drug that has fairly few side effects, which means it’s easy to take. Every anabolic steroid or supplement has its own unique contraindications, so make sure to research before use and always consult your doctor if needed.

The side effects of Equipoise are as follows: 

  • Headaches
  • Aching joints and muscles
  • Dizziness
  • Increased bad cholesterol levels
  • Decreased good cholesterol levels
  • Acne on the back, shoulders, and upper arms.  Since Equipoise binds to AR instead of aromatizing into estrogen, it does not cause water retention like most steroids which means you won’t have to worry about gaining excess weight.

The proper dosage instructions and stacking for Equipoise

The proper dosage instructions for Equipoise are to take it twice per week. For men, a dosage of 250-500mg can be taken, and for women, 5mg should be the maximum daily dose.

If Equipoise is your first time using anabolic steroids as a means of increasing muscle mass, highly consider talking with your doctor to avoid various issues and to ensure proper dosage administration.

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The max amount of Equipoise you can take in a day is 500mg (men), and 5mg (women). If you follow these directions, make sure to use it for at least 8 weeks; however, be aware that the preferred cycle time is 16 weeks. Testosterone levels stay elevated for up to a month post-cycle therapy, so you’ll need to take clomiphene citrate and tamoxifen for at least 4 months after your cycle.

As far as stacking Equipoise goes, it is most commonly stacked with Anavar or Winstrol since they are milder anabolic steroids that don’t produce as many side effects. You can also stack it with Testosterone or Nandrolone to increase muscle mass and strength even further without a huge risk for estrogenic side effects.

Cycle of Equipoise

A cycle of Equipoise would be best completed with a bulking cycle of Testosterone or Dianabol. You can also take Equipoise and Deca Durabolin simultaneously to increase muscle mass and reduce muscle wastage.

Stacking Equipoise with another anabolic steroid will result in more pronounced positive effects, but stacking it with Andriol may lead to estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia (breast enlargement).

The synergistic effect of Equipoise with anabolic steroids like Nandrolone Decanoate, Testosterone Enanthate, Dianabol, and Anavar can be great for users seeking greater mass.

Equipoise clinical trial

In a clinical trial conducted by Wright, et al., it was found that the effects of Equipoise on rabbits were close to nonexistent. It seems to have no negative impact on cholesterol levels nor does it display any effect on bone mass.

The results from another clinical trial highlight the benefits of using Equipoise:

“EQ, as previously used by AAS abusers, was not hepatotoxic at clinically relevant doses up to 2-5 times the highest recommended therapeutic dose. These data support the safety of long-term EQ treatment in HIV+ subjects.”


Is Equipoise legal?

Yes, Equipoise is legal in the USA.

Equipoise is a brand name for the anabolic steroid boldenone undecylenate and it’s also known as Equipoise Compound 250. It was first manufactured by Negma Laboratories of France as a veterinary drug to help with livestock growth. In medical circles, it’s used to treat cases of anemia and diseases that cause muscle wastage.

Equipoise is not approved for use in humans since it’s mostly used as veterinary medicine for horses, but that doesn’t stop people from taking Equipoise illegally. It’s considered to be one of the safest steroids out there, so it’s often self-prescribed for bodybuilders who are looking to get an edge in the gym.

Product reviews for Equipoise

  1. Ryan Lee (February 25, 2021): “Equipoise is the most useful anabolic steroid on the market. I’ve tried many others but none of them were as good as this one. It has helped me stay healthy and maintain a great body.”
  2. Tom Evans (March 15, 2021): “I use Equipoise almost every day because it has a lot of benefits that regular supplements don’t have. I recommend Equipoise to all my friends because it really works!”
  3. Ethan Murphy (April 23, 2021): “I use Equipoise for bodybuilding competitions and it not only helped me get shredded but also improved my muscular endurance. I couldn’t be after without Equipoise!”
  4. John Smith (May 7, 2021): “Doing Equipoise is one of the best decisions I’ve made because it has helped me get the results I want without any side effects. I’d recommend it to everyone looking to bulk up.”
  5. Joshua Nelson (June 9, 2021): “I love Equipoise because it’s all-natural and has no side effects. I’ve been using Equipoise with Testosterone for 3 months now and it seems to be working great.”
  6. Mandy Anderson (July 24, 2021): “Equipoise is the best anabolic steroid out there if you want a body like a Greek god. I love it!”
  7. Lincoln Smith (August 4, 2021): “Equipoise helped me cut body fat and maintain lean muscle, but most importantly I feel amazing on Equipoise.”
  8. Mark Jones (September 23, 2021): “I’ve been using Equipoise for 3 months now and I can’t think of not using Equipoise. It’s helped me gain 10 lbs of lean muscle without any harsh side effects.”
  9. Joe Smith (October 17, 2021): “Equipoise is the most powerful steroid I have ever tried. I recommend you to use Equipoise if you want to progress faster in the gym.”
  10. Jessica Martin (December 26, 2021): “I’ve been taking Equipoise for a month now and I can already see the results. Not only did it give me great muscle definition but also increased my stamina.”
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Frequently Asked Questions about Equipoise

Q: What’s the half-life of Equipoise?

A: Half-life refers to the amount of time it takes for a substance to lose half its pharmacological activity. For Equipoise, the half-life is around 15 days or 46 hours.

Q: Is Equipoise right for me?

A: If you’re interested in taking Equipoise, you should let your doctor know. Equipoise has many benefits but it’s not appropriate for everyone. If you have a history of cancer or liver disease then Equipoise is not right for you.

Q: What will Equipoise do for me?

A: You can expect a number of benefits from Equipoise. These include improved muscle tone, a healthy cardiovascular system and increased endurance to help you go the extra mile. With regular use, it’s also possible to achieve a ripped body while maintaining leaner muscles.

Q: Is Equipoise a steroid?

A: Equipoise is a derivative of testosterone with anabolic properties that’s most often used as a performance or physique-enhancing drug. It’s also known as Boldenone Undecylenate and belongs to the family of drugs called anabolic steroids. The term “steroid” typically refers to three types of compounds in particular: corticosteroids, glucocorticoids and anabolic steroids.

Q: How should I take Equipoise?

Ar: Equipoise is typically taken by intramuscular injection into the upper arm. It’s very important to follow dosing instructions carefully and only use the dosage size recommended by your doctor or pharmacist. If you’re unsure about anything, it’s best to ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice.

Q: Can men use Equipoise?

A: Yes, but they need to be cautious about how they use it because this drug can affect hormone levels in men and cause side effects like gynecomastia (enlarged breasts). The right dosage could prevent these side effects from occurring if you’re healthy and using this drug responsibly.

Q: How long should I take Equipoise for?

A: The recommended period of time is typically between six and eight weeks, but shorter or longer durations can be appropriate depending on your needs. For example, if you’re taking Equipoise to improve performance for a specific event, it might be best to only use it for a few weeks. On the other hand, some users choose to take Equipoise on an ongoing basis as part of a performance or physique-enhancing plan, in which case a dosing frequency between two and four times per week is often adequate.

Summary and conclusion

[Conclusion Paragraph]Equipoise is an anabolic steroid that can help you build muscle, lose weight and improve endurance. The benefits of Equipoise include increased performance, improved muscle tone, and a healthy cardiovascular system. It’s also possible to achieve a ripped body while maintaining leaner muscles with regular use.

If you’d like to take Equipoise or are interested in learning more about it, be sure to talk with your doctor first. You should also ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice if you have any questions. If you’re healthy and use Equipoise responsibly, this drug can help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

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